For anybody who doesn’t know me, I am a major farm fanatic! I just love the fresh air, the beautiful countryside views, the sun on my face, I even love the smells! But farming is certainly no bed of roses: it is tough manual labour that does not stop for bad weather, ill health, or … Continue reading Farm24


The Road Is Not Always Smooth

We have just said hello to July 2019. The sun is out, our big coats have been chucked in the cupboard, and our Facebook feeds are filled with smiles and animal emojis, which can mean only one thing: Results Day is here. In the age of smartphone photography and social media, it is easier than … Continue reading The Road Is Not Always Smooth

Ten Things You’ll Know: The Sheep Edition

  For vet students and applicants, the Easter holidays can only mean one thing: it’s time to grab those wellies and head down to the lambing shed! I’m not exception to this and have spent the last week surrounded by woolly four legged creatures of varying sizes, which has led to this blog post: ten … Continue reading Ten Things You’ll Know: The Sheep Edition